Our Habitat

Its physical setting

  • Fresh, clean and invoke a sense of tranquility
  • The child will feel a sense of belonging, safety and security
  • Nature-like environment that will bring each child closer to the creations; for one to look at and ponder its purpose of existence


  • Enter into Cavenur's World
  • Pathway into Cavenur's World
  • Our Kindness Tree in progress
  • Our K1 Classroom
  • Our Nursery Classroom
  • Nursery Daily Report for the day
  • Nursery Term 2 Theme Board
  • K2 Term 2 Theme Board
  • Nursery field trip
  • K1 Field trip
  • K2 Learning Experience in class
  • Sports Lesson
  • Parents Support Group 2018
  • PSG meet on 24 March 2018