Everyday Learning

Self and Social Awareness Life Skills

  • Character building, communication skills, thinking skills which include critical and 
    creative thinking, decision making skills and problem solving.


  • Number Sense & Counting
  • Matching, Sorting and Classifying
  • Spatial Sense and Early Geometry
  • Ordering, Seriation and Patterning
  • Measurement
  • Estimation
  • Interpreting Data using Graphs
  • Maths language and attitude

Environmental Awareness

  • With focus on Science exploration, experimentation and discoveries
  • Basic Geography
  • Historical learning about people of the past

Language & Literacy

  • English as the main medium of instruction
  • Other languages available – Malay, Arabic
  • Potential language – Mandarin or Tamil (if the demand is more than 10 children)

Motor Skills development

  • Outdoor play and skill building
  • Swimming lessons

Arts Alive!

  • Sculpting, drawing, painting, dramatic play

Field trips and camping


Computer Literacy

  • Know how to handle the computer
  • Basic Microsoft Paint, Word and Powerpoint
  • Using computer for expressing ideas and thoughts
  • Using computer as a tool for finding information